Threat intelligence

Threat intelligence is information about cybersecurity threats and threat actors that helps mitigate harmful events on the internet. Threat intelligence sources include open-source intelligence, social media intelligence, human intelligence, technical intelligence, or intelligence from the clear & Dark Web.

Like all intelligence, cyber threat intelligence provides a perspective of how the company’s assets been reviewed and tracked from outside by bad actors, to reduces while helping in identifying threats and opportunities.


our approach

Cybrella Threat Intelligence (CTI) service provides Intelligence services, which allows you to proactively defend against existing and future Cyber events, as well as getting a broad Intelligence picture regarding possible attackers targeting your organization, how your organization is being viewed from outside your network (remote), compare with your business sector, geographical cyber threats, brand protection and more.

Cybrella CTI team is on the hunt, with 24/7 capabilities of collecting, analyzing, and reporting any type of digital information. Combining cutting-edge technology (as well as OSINT capabilities) and top-level expertise, our team of Cyber Experts and Intelligence Analysts gather information from multiple resources (Darknet and Deep clear web included), in order to deliver a comprehensive, up to date and relevant and view of the cyber threats landscape. This information is essential for planning and updating the organizations control for defense.

Why Us? 

Cybrella CTI Team is a set of experienced analysts that has vast experience in threat hunting, leveraging automated and manual tools, to screen and filter the “noise” and provide the targeted organization an on time, indication of compromise (IOC) that should be integrated to the overall Cybersecurity defensive capabilities. 

Cybrella Cyber Threat Intelligence Deliverables:

  • Monthly / Weekly Intelligence Reports
  • Brand Protection Reports
  • Daily Intelligence Alerts
  • TVA (Threat Vulnerabilities Analysis) Services
  • Targeted Intelligence Articles
  • VIP Data Protection
  • Cyber Threat Expert on Demand
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