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Cybrella works to develop a risk management program catered to our clients and serve as roadmaps to help understand organizational liability and mitigate risks. These plans consider the client’s approach to governance, risk tolerance, the maturity of policies and procedures, and 3rd Party risks managed within the available budget.

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Cybrella's risk-based approach aims at risk reduction as the primary goal. This enables the organization to prioritize investment and focus on building appropriate controls for the most damaging threats to the business’s most critical assets.

Penetration Testing 

The most common security tests used in security risk assessments are first, network vulnerability scanning tests, and second, network penetration testing (Black Box, White Box or GrayBox). These tests can be used to test external networks, Websites, Web applications as well as internal networks.

Cybrella has a unique methodology and expertise in a variety of innovative areas, including: 

Cutting Edge Security Testing for web, mobile and desktop applications

Application Penetration Testing

Our RedTeam application penetration testers have experience developing software as well as ethical hacking. They leverage this experience to zero in on critical issues and provide actionable remediation guidance.

By combining practices from all testing approaches (White Box, Gray Box, and Black Box) we provide comprehensive testing coverage.

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(“White Hat Hacking”) and Red Team Exercises

Advanced Penetration Testing

Cybrella’s white hat hacking team tests networks, systems, and applications to identify security vulnerabilities that malicious hackers can exploit. This service can be run independently or in combination with a red team exercise. Red team exercises simulate a real-world adversarial attack on a client’s network. These exercises are useful to identify potential vulnerabilities in systems, procedures, and in each team’s ability to defeat the threat.

IoT Penetration Testing 

With the growing risk to Internet of Things security, Cybrella’s RedTeam developed penetration testing methodologies that identify vulnerabilities in the IoT environment, including device architectures, and firmware.  Using software and hardware penetration testing techniques and specific tools developed by Cybrella, we can perform effective penetration testing for the entire IoT channel, including:

      • Embedded Device Hacking
      • Firmware Hacking
      • Hacking Communications
      • Mobile and Web endpoints
      • Radio security assessment
      • IoT Cloud API’s

Industrial/OT Penetration Testing 

Industrial control systems become ever more interconnected, and each OT (Operational Technology) system has a unique environment. Cybrella’s RedTeam, along with Cybrella’s OT team, created a dedicated OT Lab to simulate cyber OT threats and to analyze the specific risks in the unique OT environment of each client.

Our team of OT cybersecurity professionals has extensive experience in critical environments. By simulating our clients’ environments in Cybrella's OT Lab, we comprehensively test systems without disrupting operations. Tests are tailored to the specific environment and business needs of each client.

Fraud Attack Simulations 

Cybrella’s RedTeam works with our partner, Matrix-IFS Fraud team to formulate dedicated fraud testing and simulations to identify and maximize Financial Institution’s immunity to fraud attacks.

Cybrella performs simulations and tests to leverage the organization's readiness, and to cover all the fraud-related channels including Debit Card Fraud Simulation, Deposit Fraud Simulation, Phishing Attacks Simulation, Business Logic Manipulation tests, Vishing Simulations, physical Branch Office & Call Center Fraud Testing, Employee Embezzlement, and more.

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    Why Us? 

    Cybrella’s System Risk Assessment methodology is based on our Hybrid Security RA Approach (HSRAA), developed by the Cybrella Research Lab. The HSRAA is based on a combination of standard best-known methods and practices derived from different RA methodologies and tailored to fit a specific client.

    Our RedTeam is a world-class, highly trained and certified penetration testing team, acting as ethical hackers to simulate possible attacks from the hacker’s point of view. We are always up to date, researching & constantly searching for new techniques.