Cloud Security

With organizations moving more and more information into cloud services, the classic concept of perimeter-based security has become outdated.  Companies must adopt new governance methodologies and undergo a paradigm shift in their information security logic. This often requires getting assistance from third-party providers like Cybrella that have the skills needed to overcome cloud security challenges.

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Cybrella's approach

Cloud security is a shared responsibility between the provider and the consumer. However, the accountability of the data will ultimately fall on you as the provider. Our cloud security team will help you determine your specific security responsibilities within your unique cloud implementation, and how you can best govern those responsibilities.  This includes helping you identify and acquire the necessary skill sets, tools, and build methodology for auditing and monitoring your organization’s information.

Cloud security

Building cloud Strategy 

Organization first move into the cloud include forming a cloud policy or cloud strategy.
The purpose of the cloud policy is to describe the right process for cloud migration – which data can migrate into which services, who are the relevant stakeholder, what kind of provider evaluation process should be made and what are the relevant controls.
Cybrella cloud security team will help organization in building the cloud policy document and the required processes.

third party Management 

When organization are planning to board a new cloud service, they need to evaluate and assess the relevant providers in the market and rank their maturity and effectiveness of security controls. This is especially true for SaaS where there is a vast variety in the market in terms of maturity. 
Cybrella cloud security team will help customers in building efficient and fast provider evaluation process enabling organizations quickly assess maturity, review controls, and recommend on safe boarding to the most suitable provider.

Cloud Security Reviews

Cloud implementations, especially workloads built on top of IaaS / PaaS are complicated, contain multiple components, and utilized different tools over what we find on traditional on-premise.
Cybrella cloud team are experienced in analyzing cloud configuration and architecture, utilizing automation tools for close inspection of the cloud environment, and helping customers evaluate the risks for those environments.