CISO as a Service 

Stay focused on your main business and let our best-in-class CISO’s handle your cybersecurity and compliance. 


Cybersecurity threats present significant risks to small and medium businesses, particularly those using software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers. However, attracting and retaining the right leadership to address this challenge is not financially feasible for many organizations. The shortage of talent in Information Security, along with the level of effort needed (not a full-time job), contributes to the challenge of employing a full-time CISO. The Cybrella Advisory CISO service is designed to assist small-to-medium business develop a right-sized security program to allow for organizational growth over time.

our approach

The Cybrella’s Advisory CISO service supports customers to ensure a clear understanding of cybersecurity risks associated with their business and the actions required to reduce risk, help develop the Information Security Management Programs to make sure you are align and conform with applicable regulations. Cybrella network of CISO’s provide the experts, governance, and leadership required to design the proper security framework and to lead internal personnel and providers to an effective information security management framework. 

Cybrella connects a dedicated Information Security Officer, that align your business with a catered security program and operates as an integral part of your organization.Your Cybrella Advisory CISO is your security point-of-contact for all security related issues, with a backup of vast domain experts for any questions or advice.

Our Priorities

Cybrella's CISO Responsibilities

The CISO will also respond to incidents, answer security-related questionnaires for our clients’ customers, responding to any data breaches or other attacks. In addition to the ongoing service, Cybrella's CISO will present the security guidelines to providers, clients, and board, providing all security expertise necessary.

    • Data Classification & Data Loss Prevention Plan
    • Cybersecurity Strategic Program Design
    • Compliance with Security Standards
      - ISO 27001, NIST, FISMA, FFIEC
    • Privacy Program Implementation (GDPR)
    • Identity and Access Governance
    • Vulnerability Management and Monitoring
    • Third-Party Risk Management
    • Security Architecture Design and Policy Development
    • Security Tools Monitoring
    • Audit Remediation and Audit Management
    • Security Awareness Training
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Why Us? 

Our team is comprised of seasoned leading cybersecurity, strategy, and regulations professionals, with CSO relevant experience whose knowledge, expertise, and experience positions them to fully support our clients.

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