Application Security

Application Security is becoming a significant cybersecurity vector, as hackers increasingly target applications with their attacks.


Application security is an ongoing process of making applications more secured by finding, fixing, and
enhancing the applications, as well as training and leveraging the secure coding abilities of the
developer teams.

our approach

Integrate Security into Your Product DNA
Cyberlla's application security teams help the customers in any stage of the lifecycle that the application is in, from design/architecture to deployment. Cybrella's applications security experts with a background with developing and coding in broad types of applications and domains - Web, Cloud, Mobile, IoT, Embedded, etc.

Cybrella works closely with customers to educate their employees in developing secure applications. We also build and assess the systems to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities and keep our clients' apps confidence and one step ahead of the hackers.

Our Priorities

Security Code Reviews

Source Code reviews provide additional insights that cannot be effectively detected by using traditional Dynamic Security Testing methods and tools (DAST). Our software security engineers leverage their coding backgrounds to provide with both Automated, Manual as well as Hybrid Security Code Reviews to systematically detect the product security vulnerabilities on the source code level and advice you on practical mitigation techniques.

    Application Security Academy

    Cybrella offers a variety of courses and seminars in application security while focusing on secure software development in the real world. Our dynamic training programs enable our clients to enjoy a tailor-made approach, including customized course content on your real-time needs.

    Our trainers hold knowledge and actual hands-on experience, which makes our training more useful and practical for the students.

    Cybrella developed a unique cloud-based environment that enables our students to practice what they learned to achieve hands-on experience. That how we provide our students with robust training experience and the tools to incorporate secure coding best practices in their daily work.

    Application Penetration Testing

    Cutting Edge Security Testing for web, mobile and desktop applications

    Our RedTeam application penetration testers have experience developing software as well as ethical hacking. They leverage this experience to zero in on critical issues and provide actionable remediation guidance. Combine practices from all testing approaches - White Box, Gray Box, and Black Box to provide accurate and high coverage of the testing target in a variety of application domains and expertise:

    - Mobile Penetration Testing – IOS, Windows & Android
    - Internet of Things – Embedded Device, Firmware, Radio & IoT Cloud API’s
    - Cloud and Web Application Security – AWS, Azure & Google / WebApplications, Web Services and API’s.

    SDLC Consulting

    A Secured development is the cornerstone of any application security program, and developing a secure system or product in an efficient and consistent way is considered an art in its own right.

    Our Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) experts bring in our experience with designing SDL processes for large enterprises. This will assist you in designing a Secure Development Process that will suit your organizational needs and goals in the most optimal way with a noticeable reduction invulnerabilities.

    Why Us? 

    Our people have a strong background in application development, combined with expertise and practice of secure coding methods this provides a unique skill set.

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