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Cybersecurity threats present significant risks to small and medium businesses, particularly those using software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers. However, attracting and retaining the right leadership to address this challenge is not financially feasible for many organizations. The shortage of talent in Information Security, along with the level of effort needed (not a full-time job), contributes to the challenge of employing a full-time CISO. The Cybrella Advisory CISO service is designed to assist small-to-medium business develop a right-sized security program to allow for organizational growth over time.

Cyber Threats by the Numbers

  • Less than half of small and medium businesses have any cybersecurity experts in-house
  • Forty-three percent don’t have cybersecurity plans in place at all.
  • Only 14% of small businesses believe their cyberattack and risk mitigation abilities are highly effective.

Cybercriminals know the stats, which is why 66% of SMBs experience  at least one cyberattack per year.

Forty-three percent of data breaches involve SMBs, as criminals target companies with the fewest defenses. Of those small businesses facing severe cyberattacks, more than a third experienced eight or more hours of downtime. Only 17% are financially prepared to recover from a cyberattack.

    Protect Your Every Day With Scalable, AffordableCISO Solutions

    The consequences of a severe cyberattack can be lethal, but budgetary constraints often make a full-time CISO cost-prohibitive for smaller enterprises. SMBs might recognize the need for cybersecurity services but still struggle to find the budget. Scalable cyber solutions help SMBs get the right protection at the right cost. Proactive preparation saves time and money whenever criminals attempt to strike.

      Cybrella’s Cybersecurity Expertise Serves AnySized Enterprise

      The members of Cybrella’s staff have deep experience working with large enterprises, and we are passionate about making scalable cybersecurity services accessible to businesses of all sizes, including SMBs. We understand that cybersecurity is a culture, not just technology. That is, every IT security solution must serve the broader strategy as led by a cybersecurity expert.

        CISO As a Service Is More Than an Advisor

        At Cybrella, we are committed to connecting SMBs of any size with unique offerings to fit their specific needs. First, we provide a CISO as your single point of contact for all your cybersecurity needs. You receive a dedicated CISO, not a generic team to call.

        This holistic mentality sets Cybrella’s CISO As a Service offering apart from others. Unlike with typical IT companies offering CISO services, SMBs that partner with Cybrella receive a CISO who is a cybersecurity expert.

          Our CISO Priorities

          Your dedicated Cybrella CISO answers security-related questions and responds to cybersecurity incidents. In addition to ongoing cybersecurity services, you receive IT security guidelines informed by deep expertise. This product integration is unparalleled in the industry.

            Our Priorities

            Cybrella's CISO Responsibilities

            The team at Cybrella is experienced in advanced cyber risk management, cyber training, and holistic cloud security services. In addition to our specialization in application security and penetration testing, we provide all of the following through our CISO As a Service solution:

              • Data Classification & Data Loss Prevention Plan
              • Cybersecurity Strategic Program Design
              • Compliance with Security Standards
                - ISO 27001, NIST, FISMA, FFIEC
                - PCI, FERPA, SOC2, FACTA, HIPAA, SOX
              • Privacy Program Implementation (GDPR)
              • Identity and Access Governance
              • Vulnerability Management and Monitoring
              • Third-Party Risk Management
              • Security Architecture Design and Policy Development
              • Security Tools Monitoring
              • Audit Remediation and Audit Management
              • Security Awareness Training
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            Why Cybrella? 

            Most firms offer CISO access without additional security services. If they do provide other cybersecurity services, they come at an additional cost and are often outsourced. Here at Cybrella, we believe our integrated cyber solutions are the future of CISO As a Service.

            To learn more about a comprehensive, scalable IT security strategy that fits your business requirements, contact our team of cybersecurity experts today.

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