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Partner with us to compliment your existing Cybersecurity service offerings.

about our partnerships

A Cybrella partnership offers you an opportunity to expand your offerings and business with the full support and guidance of our cyber team of experts. Cybrella offices and Partners are based in the US, UK, Germany, and Israel and we are welcome in & out of these regions.

We are a full cybersecurity service provider, mainly focused on Vulnerability Management, and key Advisory services. 

We team up with our partners and end customers and perform critical Cyber Risk Management services as an extension to end customer’s teams and complementary to our partners' existing services.

Our Partnership opportunities include:

Cyber solution providers

Teaming up with cyber solution providers to complement and combine forces to deliver a stronger and more complete solution to their end customers.

IT/MSP solution providers

 Provide Cyber expertise and services to your existing customers, which will enable an up sale and more control on your relationships. 

financial services

Financial service industry mandated by regulation to maintain a strong Fraud and Cyber Hygiene. The Market mandates a synergy between different services to be included with Cyber      

Risk Management services.
We are looking to team up with existing Fraud/AML and other financial solutions players to provide the cyber expertise and combine forces for the benefit of the end customer.

Cloud solution providers

The enterprise is changing and moving to the cloud. Migration is planned, in the midst or done. It’s essential combining forces with Cybrella to ensure the security is built in and maintained during and after Migration

Value added solutions

 Creating a trusted partnership with the end users quite often provides an opportunity for the up sale of additional value-added services. Partnering with Cybrella means that we will be in a position to offer additional services and create a channel to the and customer as a trusted adviser.

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