SOC as a Service

Access to around-the-clock expert cybersecurity coverage is within reach with Cybrella’s SOC-as-a-Service. Free your resources and dramatically improve your security posture — without losing visibility into your environment.

our approach

The Cybrella fully managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) is for organizations requiring a full, 24/7 management of their log data, Security Incident and Event Management or an augmentation of and existing SoC operation - “follow the sun”. 

Let Cybrella provide the people/analysts, processes and technology needed to proactively monitor your environments and respond to incidents.

Cybrella’s SOC-as-a-Service includes

  • - A well aligned and optimized Monitoring plan with your internal processes and business risks to deliver clear business outcomes
  • - A fully managed, purposefully developed SOC, SIEM and Log Management service
  • - 24/7 support:
    - Security monitoring, Incident and event reporting, Multi-Tenant Dashboard access
  • - Analysis of the following:
    - Detailed events, Trends in events or incidents, Security incidents, Advanced - Persistent Threats (APTs), Malware, Network traffic patterns and packets

Event Monitoring

Cybrella provides 24×7 security event monitoring, alert enrichment, triaging, issue isolation and event escalation and then move to an Incident Handling phase. 

We monitor your security alerts and suspicious events, collected from multiple internal and external customer data sources. Threats are detected regardless if your infrastructure is on prem or in the cloud.  

Event monitoring services include:

      • 24×7 alert monitoring, event enrichment and triage
      • Automated event enrichment
      • Issue prioritization, isolation and containment
      • Custom threat detection rules, use cases and playbooks
      • Custom dashboards and reports

Managed Response

Our global response team proactively handles incidents and collects the response activities for analysis and reinforced learning leading to a continuous reduction in response time and associated exposure risk.
Managed response services include:

- Incident handling, threat investigation and response
- Sandbox analysis of suspicious files
- Indicator or Compromise validation and extraction
- Customized threat detection rules, use cases and playbooks
- Proactive automated response and escalation
- Targeted threat reconnaissance and Cyber Threat Intelligence reports

Why Us? 

Cybrella CTI Team is a set of experienced analysts that has vast experience in threat hunting, leveraging automated and manual tools, to screen and filter the “noise” and provide the targeted organization an on time, indication of compromise (IOC) that should be integrated to the overall Cybersecurity defensive capabilities.