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Lapsus$ Claims Credit For The Exploit of S.Korea, LG Electronics

March 22, 2022


Lapsus$ Claims Credit For The Exploit of S.Korea, LG Electronics

LAPSUS$, an extortion & hacker group, has made claims openly on a Telegram channel frequented by the group, to have successfully hacked LG Electronics.

Within the aforementioned telegram channel, files could be seen surfacing whilst chatter around the hack surfaced Tuesday, March 22, 2022. Five files rose to the surface to be more precise. With these files, claims were made that Lapsus$ had stolen the credentials and details of LG Electronic’s employee accounts and website clientele. 

The hacker group also announced an upcoming data leak pertaining to confluence’s infrastructure.

Around 90,000 names were released in English, totaling 88,759 lines of plaintext. Lapsus$ responded to LG Electronics claim that only a portion of their employees had their info leaked, with a snarky retort to potentially hire a new CSIRT team. 

Lapsus$ has thus far made a claim to hacking the source code of Microsoft’s Bing search service and Cortana voice assistant on the very same day, whilst also releasing information backing those claims. Earlier this month, the group claimed to have hacked Samsung Electronic’s servers to which there are known files leaked containing source code for previously released smartphones. Of which included the Samsung galaxy s22. Amongst the dump was experimental data utilized by a wireless business department Samsung electronics employee. The purpose of said research focusing on the performance of a competitor, Apple’s wireless headphones. There is also amongst that leak, algorithms for the biometric unlock systems used in Samsung electronics devices, the system boot-loader, and the Knox security platform,


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