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Product Integration Is the Future of CISO As a Service

December 8, 2021


Tal Katz

Cloud & IT Security Director

Cybersecurity Integration Is the Future of CISO As a Service

Cybersecurity is serious business. So  much so that in the 2022 Gartner Board of Directors Survey, 88 percent of board members classified it as a business risk, up from 58 percent five years ago as businesses migrate to cloud computing, potential exposure to cyberattacks like ransomware attacks increases.

Small business enterprises are becoming fast adopters of the cloud. As a result, many find themselves at a disadvantage against cybersecurity threats. They're large enough to operate in the cloud but too small to hire a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

With software as a service (SaaS) currently the largest cloud computing segment, small business enterprises are exchanging sensitive information on cloud-based software without the oversight, direction and knowledge of a CISO. A common solve is to outsource a CISO As a Service.

However, most of these services offer management, cybersecurity and IT security as separate services, leaving companies with a bloated list of vendors, overly complex security operations and a large "seat at the table" count. Because of this, Gartner cites security vendor consolidation as an emerging trend in 2022 as businesses shore up their security.

But not all CISO As a Service vendors are created equal. Cybrella's CISO As a Service offers you not only an expert advisor but also security tools, maintenance and monitoring in one package.

What is cybersecurity, and how is it different?

Before getting too far into the solution, let's discuss the challenge, primarily addressing the difference between cybersecurity and information technology security.

IT departments have been around in one form or another since the dawn of the computer age. Most companies have them, or at least have a designated "computer guy." IT departments generally manage the computer network operating systems in a company, including the installation and maintenance.

Within this department is IT security, which has a broad role that focuses on protecting both physical and electronic data. This is often addressed through passcodes, privileges and pre-approved guest users in the physical and electronic realms.

Cybersecurity, on the other hand, has a laser focus on protecting digital information and employs strategies beyond passcodes and firewalls. Experts are required to have a working knowledge of IT risk assessment, cybercrime, cloud security, laws and regulations, to name a few. They monitor real-time analysis of threats, shore up data security infrastructure, implement programs that mitigate risk, investigate breaches, and lead governance to ensure all security initiatives are operating as needed.

Of companies surveyed in IDG's 2020 Security Priorities Study, 61 percent reported having a top-level security executive. But a recent trend in CISO As a Service, like the one offered by Cybrella, is helping that number rise.

How does Cybrella's CISO compare to other vendors?

As cloud-based services continue to grow, more companies are outsourcing their IT needs. In fact, in a recent report, roughly 58 percent of companies surveyed stated that security and data protection was the driving motivation for cloud migration.

Many vendors offer CISO as a service, with options to add security and cybersecurity. However, Cybrella's CISO as a service is unique in that it consolidates both services under the same product. That means enterprises can address their growing security needs without creating vendor or toolbox bloat within their organization.

When it comes to security, streamlining is essential for optimized protection. The more focused the security measures, the more effective they can be.

How does Cybrella's CISO As a Service work?

In essence, Cybrella's CISO As a Service is an expert who helps enterprises with a mission to create security programs. These programs correct vulnerabilities and create long-sighted roadmaps designed to protect growing organizations.

The CISO provides governance, leadership and the tools to do the job, but first, it begins with a review. The CISO first takes a risk assessment of the company. This assessment is an unambiguous evaluation of potential security risks.

A security program is established next, done in consultation with management. Through the application of a security program, security gaps are addressed and remediated — patching up the holes in the craft, as it were.

Finally, after the initial work is completed, the Cybrella CISO begins ongoing service, including the governance, monitoring and maintenance of security.

Major touchpoints of the ongoing service include semi-annual security reviews, risk reviews with boards or executives, continuity maintenance, vulnerability management, regulatory and industry mandate compliance and on-demand requests. The CISO As a Service maintains active communications and coordinates real-time security incident responses should the moment arise.

With seasoned experts, begin your consultation today.

Cybrella's CISOs are industry-leading individuals with experience running the CISO departments in large organizations. They have seasoned experience and expertise in cybersecurity, strategy and regulation.

Whether you're concerned with cybersecurity strategy and management, detection and response, cloud security or cyber-readiness roadmap development, Cybrella's CISOs are positioned to make your security desires a reality.

Contact Cybrella today or learn more about how their team of IT and cybersecurity experts can keep your enterprise safe on the cloud here.


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