Cybrella’s advanced and comprehensive Awareness Program

More than 90% of successful hacks and data breaches start with phishing scams. Phishing is a threat to every organization across the globe.  According to (FBI public service announcement) Business Email Compromise accounts for 166,349 worldwide incidents and $26 Billion in global loss.


Social Engineering uses psychological manipulation to trick users into exposing sensitive information.


Security awareness programs are a sustained effort to educate employee’s knowledge around a variety of topics around cybercrime.It is hard to indicate the level of security awareness of the human factor in most organizations.  In fact, sometimes the exposure to the risk is revealed only after an information security event.

Cybrella’s Offerings

Cybrella developed a comprehensive awareness program that is based on a unique platform that delivers the full lifecycle of the social engineering testing that includes;

    • Customization to your organization’s fit/needs
    • Create the internal campaign and launch
    • Collect and correlate the results
    • Create two sets of training
      - General corporate training
      - Special training for targeted audiences
    • Schedule re-testing campaign

    The awareness program delivered by Cybrella as a service.

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