Dr. Val Golan

Dr. Val Golan is a Global HR Executive with top HR certifications in the US, as well as multi-lingual and multi-cultural skills. Val has helped dozens of startups, mainly in high-tech and bio-tech, with their first steps in the US market, setting up the HR strategy, infrastructure, and assuring legal HR compliance. Some of her clients, for which she serves or has served as advisory, such as Secure Islands, Aorato, and CyberSixgill, realized successful exits, while others are growing and gaining market share in the US. From 2015 to 2019, Val served as the Chief People Officer of a large global non-profit, managing the HR, training, payroll and organizational development departments. She on-boarded 5 legal entities and over 500 employees to the PEO TriNet, whose platform she has gained complete expertise at. This role exposed her to a variety of situations related to Human Capital across several US states, and globally. Prior to founding GoLAN Consulting in 2003, Dr. Val Golan held senior technical marketing and managerial positions at global companies. In her position at PANDATEL Inc as VP Marketing / GM, she was responsible for the marketing and management of the US subsidiary of a publicly-traded European company. This role introduced her to the world of operations and HR Management, which became her main focus and area of expertise. Val holds several advanced degrees, including two doctoral degrees, from Paris IV, France, and NorthCentral University in the US, as well as the GPHR and SCP certifications. She is fluent in most Western European languages and in Hebrew.