Alon Manstur, CEO of Cybrella, discusses how to ensure Cybersecurity

September 2, 2021


Alon Mantsur

CEO, Cybrella

Alon Manstur, CEO of Cybrella, discusses about how to ensure Cybersecurity.

He encourages companies to be aware of human error.

Companies today must ensure that their staff understand the vulnerabilities of the internet and email. The most insecure part of a network is the users! When an organization understands this, they can start to address ways to educate their teams to reduce the human element of security. Alon shared with us that human error must be addressed as a first step in cybersecurity.  

The best way to execute that is through training. But the training must be customized to the individual company. There is not a cookie cutter method that will work consistently. Each company has their own vulnerabilities and challenges with the way staff members interact with the internet and network. Those needs must be recognized and addressed methodically.  

When a company’s team is frequently trained on the dangers of email and other forms of attack, they are much more likely to resist those attacks.  

Build a system to keep your team trained on cybersecurity and you will reduce much of your risk.

What about cyber insurance?

It's impossible to prevent 100% of human error. Cyber insurance exists for the things that slip through the cracks.

Many companies require cyber insurance in B2B contracts. However, the prices of such insurance has skyrocketed lately. Why is this? How can businesses avoid pouring so much money into mandatory services?

The insurance world can be difficult to regulate. Because it is so mathematical, the pricing of insurance plans is difficult to predict and alter for individual companies. However, decreasing the overall monetary risk of an insurance firm is likely to drive down premiums for everyone. How can we do this? Implement more thorough cybersecurity practices within all companies. This added layer of protection will decrease potential loss across the entire market.  

On another note, however, remember to be realistic about current risk levels. Cyber insurance prices are rising so quickly because the sheer frequency of cyber-attacks is rising just as (if not more) quickly.

To hear our full conversation (and tons of tips from Alon) watch our conversation below.



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